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  1. Hairspray - The Complete Script and Lyrics of the Hit Broadway Musical
  2. Hairspray: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Hit Broadway Musical
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Synopsis: Tracy Turnblad, an overweight teenager with all the right moves, is obsessed with the Corny Collins Show. Every day after school, she and her best friend Penny run home to watch the show and drool over the hot Link Larkin, much to Tracy's mother Edna's dis . HAIRSPRAY Full Script - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. hs. Part 2 of Hairspray Script - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), This hairspray script is the continuation of the part 1. Annie Movie Script.

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Hairspray Movie Script Ebook

Tag: hairspray script Hairspray Script PDF - () 3RD DRAFT. And although musicals have never been a favorite amongst movie goers since the days of. Hairspray Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the John Travolta oh, give me a chance 'Cause when I start to dance I'm a movie star Oh, oh. Hairspray Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the John Waters movie.

Yeah, so get with it Don't quit it All right, Motormouth, just three couples left. Tammy, bring on the applause meter. Or is it couple number two? Or shall it be couple number three? All right. All right! Tracy Turnblad, you are the queen of the hop tonight. Listen, we're holding auditions for the council tomorrow. You ought to come down and strut your stuff.

As soon as possible. OK, um, well, we'll have send someone down to meet you. Tonight, if you can. So, um, oh, OK. Bye-bye, Mr. The Mr. From Mr. Pinky's hefty hideaway! A spokesgirl?! Oh, Tracy, I think perks like caftans have to be negotiated. Maybe we should get you an agent. You be my agent.

Tracy Turnblad Well, why not? Who's goin' to look out for me Me, an agent? You see me hobnobbin' and drinkin' rum and cokes And out-negotiating them.

Oh, you're crazy. Oh, Tracy, I haven't left this house in-in years. Then isn't it time you did? Oh, no, Tracy. We'll have your father meet with him.

L- I don't wanna be seen like this.

Why not? I'll do it after my next diet. That's when I'll do it. Ya see, the neighbors haven't seen me since I was a size Don't make me do it, Tracy. Ma, it's changing out there. You'll like it. People who are different. Their time is coming. Hey, Mama, hey, Mama, look around Everybody's groovin' to a brand-new sound Hey, Mama, hey, Mama follow me I know somethin's in ya that you wanna set free So let go, go, go of the past now Say hello to the love in your heart Yes, I know that the world's spinning fast now You gotta get yourself a brand-new start Hey, Mama, welcome to the sixties Oh-o-o-o-o Oh, Mama, welcome to the sixties Oh-o-o-o-o Go, Mama, go, go, go Welcome to the sixties Oh-o-o-o-o oh Hey, Mama, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, Mama, hey, Mama, have some fun I haven't left this house since Hey, Mama, hey, Mama, take a chance Oh, Tracy, it's been years since someone asked me to dance So let go, go, go of the past now Say hello to the light in your eyes Yes, I know that the world's spinning fast now But you gotta run the race to win the prize Hey, Mama, welcome to the sixties Oh-o-o-o-o Oh, Mama, welcome to the sixties Oh-o-o-o-o Go, Mama, go, go, go Welcome to the sixties Ma, you did it!

Oh, Tracy, I'm a little lightheaded. There's so much air out here. Can't we go someplace that's stuffy? No, Ma, you're on your way. They're so glamorous.

It kicked. Let's toast to that. To a boy! Yeah, yeah, yeah Welcome to the rhythm of a brand-new day Take your old-fashioned fears And just throw them away You should add some color and a fresh new 'do 'Cause it's time for a star Who looks just like you Ohh.

I thought we marked these down. Thank you, Nadine. There's my shining star! Fantastic to meet you! I'm Mr. It's so nice to meet you. Ha ha! Tracy, is this your older sister?

Oh, my. Perhaps she'd like some complimentary couture. Now, if you'll just sign here. Flattery will not distract Miss Turnblad's agent Her agent? Tracy, eat your donuts. Let's talk. All right, let's see here. I want a non-exclusive contract. Extensions by mutual option. And I want you to absorb my 15 percent commission. Not a dime over 10! Throw in a bustier? Triple E.

I hit the mother lode! Yeah, yeah, yeah Care for a Baby Ruth? I got one right here. Your mama's lit, she's all aglow Your mama, what she's holdin' back Your mama's gotta let go, go, go Welcome to the "six", to the "O" To the apostrophe "s" hey-yay, baby, yeah Oh-o-o-o-o Oh, yeah Go, Mama, go, go, go Oh-o-o-o-o-o, oh-o-o-o-o-o Oh-o-o-o-o go, go, Mama, go, go, go! Wait till Dad sees you.

Sees me? He never notices what I wear. In 20 years, he's never even said to me, "nice muumuu" or nothin'. Now he will. Well, maybe, if he leaves that shop for 5 minutes.

I swear, I don't know what goes on down there. I'd know whose mother you were anywhere. Hello, Amber. Hello, Tracy. Ma, this is Amber and Mrs. Oh, the station manager. Oh, it was so nice-a you let her on that show. Well, Tracy certainly has That's for sure. Let me guess Oh, yes. Well, you'll stop traffic. Ha ha ha. It was nice meeting you. Bye, Tracy. Ma, don't listen to a word she says! I'm takin' this back.

Don't you dare. Don't you know why she hates us? They can't put Tracy in special ed. I won't have it. I mean, even if I have to tutor her myself Oh, and it's totally not true about her and the entire football team. I mean, please. Anybody can get grass stains all over their back. Amber, stop it. I'm sick-a you doin' that. Just because she's a good dancer. I'm sorry. You think that she can dance? Well, maybe you'd rather have her as your partner. You could get sponsored by Goodyear.

Excuse me. What is going on back there? Tracy, that's horrible. Flak does not have breasts. I would-I would never. Oh, and Mr. Larkin, perhaps you'd like to share You didn't have to do that, Link.

Hey, no prob. Besides, looks like a cool scene down here. Hey, cool. Hey, Tracy! Not quite, huh?

Ah, damn. Just when I was gettin' it.

Listen, man, you ain't gotta stop now. My mom's havin' a platter party tonight. Y'all wanna come check it out? Would you mind if I, too, checked it out?

I've never been to North Avenue before. Uh, well, would it be safe? You know, for us? Calm down, cracker boy. It's cool. Being invited places by colored people!

It feels so hip! I'm glad y'all feel that way 'cause, uh, not many people do. I can't see why people look at me And only see the color of my face Ah, yeah, then there's those that try to help, God knows But always have to put me in my place But I won't ask you to be color-blind 'Cause if you pick the fruit then, girl, you're sure to find The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice I could say it ain't so but, darlin', what's the use?

The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste And that's where it's at Now, baby, run and tell that Now run and tell that Run and tell that Hey, yeah! I can't see why people disagree Each time I tell 'em what I know is true, oh, no And if you come And see the world I'm from I bet your heart is gonna feel it, too, yeah I could lie but, baby, let's be bold vanilla can be nice But if the truth be told Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice I could say it ain't so but, darlin', what's the use?

The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste And that's where it's at Oh, baby, baby, run and tell that Run and tell that Go run and tell that Run and tell that Come on and run and tell that Run and tell that Hey, run and tell Go tell Run and tell that Link!

Hairspray - The Complete Script and Lyrics of the Hit Broadway Musical

Link Larkin! Hey, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - Whoo! Come here, girl. This is my sister, Little Inez. Oh, I know Tracy Turnblad. Good for you, girl. You got on the show. Oh, you know she is. You better show 'em, girl. I'm tired of coverin' up all my pride So give me five on the black hand side I got a new way of movin' and I got my own voice So how can I help but to shout and rejoice Oh, the people 'round here can barely pay their rent They try to make a dollar outta fifteen cent But we got a spirit money just can't buy It's deep as a river and soars to the sky, to the sky!

Hey, I can't see the reason it can't be The kinda world where we all get our chance Aw, yeah The time is now So we can show 'em how just turn the music up And let's all dance, yeah, yeah 'Cause all things are equal when it comes to love Well, that ain't quite true 'cause when push comes to shove The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice They say it ain't so but, darlin', what's the use?

The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste And that's where it's at Now, baby, baby, baby, run and tell that Run and tell that Ah yeah, baby Run and tell that Go run and tell that G-g-g-g-go home and run and tell that Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Whoo! It was horrible. Mom, he just danced on that bus No, honey. Reeling him back in is the easiest thing in the world.

Remember, I control his career. Now, don't worry. Mommy will take care of everything. Are you all hungry for some good fun? Yeah Bring on that pecan pie Pour some sugar on it, sugar, don't be shy Scoop me up a mess of that chocolate swirl Don't be stingy, I'm a growin' girl I offer big love with no apology How can I deny the world the most of me? I am not afraid to throw my weight around Pound by pound by pound Because I'm big, blonde and beautiful Face the fact, it's simply irrefutable No one wants a meal that only offers the least When, girl, we're servin' up the whole damn feast Well, looks like y'all took a step outta bounds.

Now, who we got here? Mom, I want you to meet my new friends. This here is Link. This is just so afro-tastic! And this young lady right here I'm very pleased and scared to be here. Oh, now, honey. We got more reason to be scared on your street.

Latoya, put that record down. You gonna scratch it. Can't you keep your little girl Shall we dance? My name is Mike. Yes, Mike. Mike who? It's Mike. Anyway, ahem I'm calling because I have some information Baby don't sleep Baby don't eat Baby just like another boink-boink Link, aren't you gonna get in awful trouble for this?

I'm not plannin' on tellin' my dad. No, I mean in trouble with someone else. Maybe it's worth it. I think knowin' you's the start of a pretty big adventure. Tracy Edna Turnblad! Ooh, we get any more white people in here Do you know what I had to pay a cab Oh, uh, Mom- No call. You just disappear. And all mashed up against a crooner? Um, Edna Turnblad, this is Link. Come on, we're goin'. And, Penny, go home before your mother shoots you. Miss Edna, is it? Hi, I mean, you don't have to rush off, you know.

Well, I do. I left my iron on. Oh, your iron. Well, before you go Is that braised? Whoa oh oh oh oh oh Slice me off a piece of that hogshead cheese Whoo! And take a look inside My book of recipes Now, don't-cha sniff around for somethin' fluffy and light We need a man who brings a man-size appetite We'll use a pinch-a sugar and a dash-a spice I'll let you lick the spoon because it tastes so nice We keep it in the oven till it's good and hot Keep on stirrin' till it hits the spot Because I'm big, blonde and beautiful There is nothin' 'bout us that's unsuitable Why sit in the bleachers timid and afraid When, Edna, you look like the whole parade?

They say that white has might and thin is in Well, that's just bull 'Cause, ladies, big is back And as for black, it's beautiful All shapes and sizes follow me Who wants a twig when you can climb a whole tree Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Groovy, baby.

Ha ha ha! You got me. Welcome, mmm, to the Hardy-Har Hut. If we can't put a smile on your face, your skin's too tight. It's just in. You're gonna love it. Tempting but, uh Well, eh. What can I do you for? Something for the mister? Sadly, there is no mister at the moment. Beautiful woman like yourself? My husband You need a fella.

I do need a fella. And the way to a man's heart is through his funny bone. Now here's an icebreaker for ya. Oh, Miss Maybelle, you do throw a lovely party. But what are you celebratin'? Well, it's kind of an ending. But it deserved to go out with a bang. What ended? Negro Day. Time y'all knew. Yeah, it seems our little show was a nice little placeholder I didn't wanna tell y'all up front. I just wanted to have a little fun tonight. But I practiced so hard. Now I'll never get a chance to be on the show.

Oh, you will be seen, baby. I promise. You can't have your own show? Fine, you'll come dance with us. You been dozin' off durin' history?

Yes, always. Trace, black and whites ain't never danced on Tv together. Well, if we can't dance Ooh, that'd get some big ol' ratin's.

Better time slot, too. Like on the news.

Hairspray: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Hit Broadway Musical

What y'all say? Should we give this fine woman Hey, hey! Well, it is a school night Tell you what. We meet up at the church Friday, Tracy, you can't protest, hon.

I mean, these are lovely people You'll be on files. Edgar Hoover'll be still wiretappin' Oh, Mother. Link, we're going with them, right?

Walk with me. You want your Belgian chocolate animal droppings. Dot dot. This store's for you. What a treasure trove.

Come here, baby. Don't be sad. We gonna make it happen, OK? Can I go? Now, come on, now. I can't be worried about you out there. I been smilin' and dancin' on this show for 3 years. I could sing at the Miss Hairspray pageant. She's-she invited agents. That's my shot, Trace. I can't jeopardize that.

But it's what's right. I'm sorry, Trace. I just think this adventure's Oh, God. No, no, no. That's not what I- I get it, Link. It's your shot. No, Trace, that's not what I- It's fine. Oh, hon. I should go. Give him time. He'll figure out he's crazy 'bout you.

You have to say that, you're my mother. Well, I know a little somethin' about men. And, my personal favorite, x- ray specs. You can see through anything. Skin, clothes, you name it.

Now, take your father. And he's always downstairs in that shop workin' late. Do I take it personal? Men always put their career first. Remember that. I'm really tired, I'm gonna go to bed. All right, hon. I think I'm gonna go to bed, too. Oh, I'm so tired. You don't need those There's a product that really works I could do a fan dance with a lettuce leaf Yes, obtuse.

I flunked geometry. Yeah, well-and biology too, no doubt! How 'bout this? Those lips, those eyes That food Well, there ain't nothin' like a spread To get ya in the mood Wilbur, can't ya feel the burnin' flame of hot desire You're gonna need more than some seltzer To put out this fire I'm wailin': "look out, old Balti- "- more" I'm sellin' somethin' You can't purchase at a ten-cent store Oh, Wilbur, I feel like a princess Come on and take me to the ball I bet you're tired of heavy lifting Get your hands on somethin' small Because I'm a-big- -blonde- -and beautiful It's time to face the facts It's irrefutable Why waste one more minute Now I feel brand spankin' new Hey, Wilbur, take a look It's all for You!

Your wife! You said she was out! Wait a minute! Hi, hon. Ma, you don't really believe that he would do that. You are never setting foot on that show again. You hear me? I heard you the first times, Ma. It wasn't me.

I had to improvise a bed out of something. Whoopee cushions? That will play heck with my sciatica. That one was me. Daddy, are you OK? Tracy, you know This heart only beats for size Daddy, you know what velma wanted. She wanted me off the show. And I knew that, but how could she go that far? Come here. Come here, little girl. Little girl. And then to just cancel Negro Day like that.

Just to make sure that nobody who's different What are you talking? Stop it. I think I've been in a bubble or something. Thinking that fairness was just going to happen. It's not. I think people like me are gonna have to get up Your mother and I We don't see too far past our front door. But you So, if there's something you need to stand up for We need to learn some new tricks You don't need new tricks, Dad.

You need Mom. She changed the locks. Good night, Daddy. Aw, wow. Come on, baby. Honey, took me 5 years How could I ever? Well, she is very glamorous. She just makes me feel old. You're spry as a Slinky. I'm not talkin' to you. Styles keep a-changin', the world's rearrangin' But, Edna, you're timeless to me Hemlines are shorter, a beer costs a quarter But time cannot take what comes free You're like a stinky old cheese, babe Just gettin' riper with age You're like a fatal disease, babe What?

But there's no cure, so let this fever rage Some folks can't stand it, say time is a bandit But I take the opposite view 'Cause when I need a lift Time brings a gift Another day with you A twist or a waltz It's all the same schmaltz With just a change in the scenery You'll never be old hat That's that You're timeless to me Fads keep a-fadin' Castro's invadin' But, Wilbur, you're timeless to me Hairdos are higher Mine feels like barbed wire But you say I'm chic as can be You're like a rare vintage ripple Thank you.

A vintage they'll never forget So pour me a teeny-weeny triple Any time! And we can toast the fact we ain't dead yet What? I can't stop eating Your hairline's receding Hey. And soon you'll have nothing at all Never. So you'll wear a wig While I roast a pig Hey! Pass that Geritol I love pig. You're like a broken-down Chevy All I need is a fresh coat of paint And, Edna, ya got me goin' hot and heavy You're fat and old - What?

Wake up, hon. Wake up. Everything's good again. Seaweed, help pass those signs out. Give her one. Hey, Jackie, we're over here. Aw, you lookin' good, Gertrude. C'mon, y'all. Here we go now. You're gonna pay a heavy price. I know. You'll never dance on Tv again. If I can't dance with Seaweed and Little Inez I just want tomorrow to be better. Amen, amen! That's right.

Tracy, hon, you don't know what you're doing. Yes, I do, Ma. Hello, Miss Maybelle. Well, good evening, Miss Edna. Nice-a you to join us. She's got a lovely turnout. Now I really think they don't need you anymore. You come home with me. No, we are not sending a camera crew.

They're protesting our own station, dimwit. Why is Channel Five there? Well, of course they're all Negroes. And why would-? I know who would. Oh, I know exactly who would. Tv's got to integrate! Oh, my God, no! The sound's not working. You knew there'd be police.

Oh, I cannot be seen on television at this present weight. Is there some reason we can't pass by peacefully? I strongly suggest you and your little friends Hey, you don't have to be so rude. It's all right, Tracy. I can handle this. She was talking to you. Tracy, no. You just assaulted a police officer, miss.

All right, boys. Let's take the whole lot in. And our cameras also caught Tracy Turnblad Miss Turnblad brutally attacked a sergeant You see? If I let you leave the house That Tracy Turnblad always was a bad influence. Well, you are never, ever gonna see that beehived harlot again. OK, Mother. Pray for her. She's gonna need it. She's not here, I told you. Hon, she knows What this must-a put you through, Wilbur.

I'm so sorry. You're not? I'm proud-a you. You are?

Baby, somebody had to do somethin'. Bail for 20's kind of pricey. You bailed all those people out?

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Ya upset with me? Hon, it just seemed like the right thing. Oh, Wilbur, it was the right thing. Knights in armor don't come any shinier than you. But where's our little girl? Are you OK, Trace? Oh, you have no idea.

Tag: hairspray script

Thank you so much. You're such a great friend. Penny, the cops are looking for me everywhere. You could go to jail for helping me. Tracy, I'm already in jail. Oh, no. Oh, let it. It was just a symbol of my conformity to the man. You are so tough. So, what do ya think?

Maybe you could live down here. I don't even know why we have this room down here It's very well-insulated. It won't be where you're going. The police are on their way. Mom, please don't send my best friend to the big house. Penny, hush. You haven't heard the last of me, Mrs.

Things need to change I don't care how long it takes. Good, you'll be waiting 20 to life. Get the jump rope, Penny. Mom, not the jump rope! Don't you touch my canned tuna. You wait till your father gets out of prison.

You'll see more than a jump rope, missy! A massive manhunt is underway for Miss Turnblad Mike Morris with a crowbar, shattering his jaw That is a lie. They're talkin' about our baby, Wilbur. They're tellin' lies. Sergeant Morris is in critical condition. This is such a Midol moment. Wilbur, that-Oh! Maybe that's her. Oh, that's her. Is that you, Tracy? I thought you'd be Tracy. Uh, no. L-I was just at home, uh I can't believe Tracy savagely bludgeoned an Eagle Scout.

That's just not like her. Well, it's not true, I was there. He didn't even bleed. I shoulda been there I can't sleep, I can't eat. You can't eat?

Well, come on in and worry with us. I'll make you some pork. Penny Lou Pingleton, you are absolutely You will live on a diet of saltines and Tang Devil child! Shh, don't let her hear you.

Penny, what happened to you? She's punishing me for harboring a fugitive What are you doing? I'm here to rescue the fair maiden, baby. Oh, Seaweed, you do care. I was afraid the colors of our skin would keep us apart. These knots might. W- Was your mom in the navy?

Once I was a selfish fool who never understood Never looked inside myself Though on the outside, I looked good Then we met and you made me the man I am today Tracy, I'm in love with you, no matter what you weigh 'Cause without love Life is like the seasons with no summer Without love Life is rock 'n' roll without a drummer Tracy, I'll be yours forever 'Cause I never wanna be Without love Tracy, never set me free No, I ain't lyin' Never set me free Tracy, no, no, no Livin' in the ghetto, black is everywhere ya go Who'd've thought I'd love a girl Whose skin was white as winter snow?

In my ivory tower Life was just a hostess snack But now I've tasted chocolate And I'm never going back 'Cause without love Life is like a beat that you can't follow Without love Life is Doris Day at the Apollo Darling, I'll be yours forever 'Cause I never wanna be Without love So, darling, never set me free, no I'm yours forever, never set me free No, no, no If I'm left without my baby doll I don't know what I'll do Link, I've got to break out So that I can get my hands on you Girl, if I can't touch you, then I'm gonna lose control Seaweed, you're my black white knight I've found my blue-eyed soul Sweet freedom is our goal Trace, I wanna kiss ya!

Let me out at the next toll! Without love Life is like a prom that won't invite us Without love It's like getting my big break and laryngitis Without love Life's a 45 when you can't buy it Without love Life is like my mother on a diet Like a week that's only Mondays Only ice cream, never sundaes Like a circle with no center Like a door marked "do not enter" Darling, I'll be yours forever 'Cause I never wanna be Without love Yes, now you've captured me Without love I surrender happily Without love Oh, Seaweed, never set me free No, no, no I ain't lyin' Never set me free No, no, no No, I don't wanna live without Love, love, love Pretty Penny little Darling, you had best believe me Never leave me without love Link.

Your pork is ready. Uh, Mama, I- You tryin' to hide her here? Gee, l never counted. Nadine Carver, Eastern High School.

Are you aware that Negro Day Can you relate to Leslie Gore's music? Look, she ain't no James Brown Tracy Turnblad. Would you do a pimple cream commercial on camera Luckily, l've never been cursed with acne Would you ever swim Oh, my God. Aren't you a little fat for the show? That's enough, Amber. Oh, come on. The show's not filmed in cinemascope. You're out of line, Amber.

Corny, Tammy, can't you see? This girl's a trash can. That's five demerit points. You're suspended from the show today. Pack up your things and go home. But l was supposed to lead the ladies' choice. Please wait outside. The council will now meet in secret Miss Edna! Penny Pingleton, you'll wake the dead.

Hairspray () | Moviepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Tracy's not home yet. Plus, your mother called, and she's on the warpath. Can l come in? There's something you've both got to see. Well, yeah, come on up You'll see. Did poor Debbie Reynolds have a nervous breakdown? This better be good. Broad daylight, and l'm sittin' in front of a TV.

Just watch. Now, where are you gonna be appearing tonight? We'll be at the Royal Theater All right, ladies and gentlemen Just wait.

All right, let's keep the music playing Gene Chandler Duke, duke, duke of earl There! She's all peroxided up. Tracy's on TV. With a triple process, yet. But Tracy was accepted on the Corny Collins Council. Turnblad, your daughter's a star. Duke of earl And you, you are my girl And no one can hurt you Oh, no Oh, see? She's already getting close-ups.

Does she get paid for this? Big as a house! You are? Well, thank you. That was Hilda from up Conklin Street. She's going to send a telegram.

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