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Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol 14 - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd 1 Novel Illustrations Perhaps Tatsuya had to answer in some way but. a strong light was emitted. 14 - Ancient City Insurrection (I) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book Light Novel. MahoukaKoukounoRettousei:Volume Thank you for both Volume 21 and 22, I can finally read without any worries!.

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Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Light Novel 14 Pdf

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Volume 14 - Ancient City Insurrection (I).pdf up · › Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Volume 15 - Ancient City Insurrection (II).pdf ›. (I).pdf · Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Volume 18 - Master Clans Conference ( II).pdf · › Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Volume 01 - Enrollment (I).pdf ›. Title: Mahouka koukou no rettousei volume 14, Author: lynch_shadow, Name: Mahouka Contents 1 Novel Illustrations 2 Chapter 1 3 Chapter 2 4 Chapter 3 5 Chapter 4 6 The light in his eyes abated, the slight smile became his usual one. PDF) is an ancient path with lots of historic and archaeological remains.

When Lina escapes to Japan, the Parasites start to invade again. Seventy-one hours before Lina told Tatsuya what happened. On the other hand, with the guidance of Tatsuya and Miyuki , Lina moves her hiding place to " Miyaki Island. Thus, again, Minoru begins to attack the hospital in order to retrieve Minami. Can the three Saegusa sisters who will confront him be able to stop him!? Three of the twelve units have rebelled under the leadership of their commander. Fortunately, only a small number of senior officers took part in the rebellion. However, the situation was far from trivial. Lina had already arrived in Japan. Mirfak had already fled after driving Lina off the base to make her escape. Canopus was dealing with Arcturus, Regulus and Vega while Deneb, who tried to follow Lina, was currently engaged with Algol. When it comes to defending against mental-interference magic, she was exceptional. If what she said was true, Vega and Deneb are not parasites, so they must have been given false information.

While it will be less frequent for those in their twenties, and even more so for those above their thirties. Tatsuya asks if she would wear a swim suit during her monthly measurements and Lina confirms it. Tatsuya is still wondering why she is hesitating so much, considering a long t-shirt should be less embarrassing than a bikini.

Since neither of them wanted to discuss her outfit, Tatsuya asks her to lay down. With the adjustments complete, Lina is now wearing the gold choker-style device. The choker suited her very well, and at first-look appears to be a beautiful necklace. Tatsuya says that he will be coming back tomorrow, and asks her to let him know if there are any inconveniences with her new CAD.

Erika and Honoka greet him almost instantly. Miyuki tells him that she had the entire place reserved for them today. Tatsuya gets right to the point and says that Minoru has become a parasite. Mikihiko, Erika, and Leo who were acquainted with Minoru shouted out in disbelief.

Leo and Erika both want to know the full story and Tatsuya explains the situation with Minami. Tatsuya tells them that Minoru became a parasite in order to try a method to cure Minami. Mikihiko asks if Minoru used himself as a guinea pig and then intends to give Minami a parasite in order to save her. Tatsuya confirms that Minoru says this himself.

His friends guessed that Minoru came to take Minami already and Tatsuya had to fight him off. Tatsuya moves on to mention that Minoru might reach out to Erika, Leo or Mikihiko, in order to help him kidnap Minami. Tatsuya says that Mikihiko might be better at sensing parasites than him but the Kudou Family has magic that can disguise themselves.

Tatsuya drops some more unexpected information, and informs them that Lina has come to Japan as well. Mikihiko asks if Tatsuya has a way to neutralize the parasites, and says that he would be willing to help Tatsuya come up with a method.

Considering Minoru is part of the Kudou Family, he might know the methods Retsu would use to seal the parasite. Mikihiko says that he will be of use to Tatsuya. Countermeasures against spirits are a specialty for Ancient Magicians, and he incorporated that into his reponse. Tatsuya didn't come to Einebrise using his amphibious car the "air-car". Once the air-car he used to come back from Miyaki Island with it was placed in the garage of the apartment, where after he reached the nearest station using public transportation.

Naturally, it was an individual-type car. While in the individual-type car, Tatsuya and Miyuki exchanged a few words. It's not impossible not to be wary of eavesdropping in their current respective positions, but that isn't the main issue. As they talked intensively before he arrived at Einebrise, the reason for his tense feelings grew stronger. Although it is rare for these two people to come home without talking to each other, returning to their own house helped relax them.

When Miyuki talked about school events, Tatsuya talked about his impression of the air-car and when Miyuki asked about the drive the usual atmosphere returned. However why is the Lieutenant Colonel telling me such an obvious story that I already knew. Although Tatsuya remained indifferent. He didn't affirm nor deny what Kazama said, nor did he nod upon the request. I want you to stop misinterpreting the contract between Yotsuba Family and the National Defense Forces.

There is no existing arrangement that I must obey the National Defense Forces. Five years ago, the oath of entering under the command of the military at Okinawa, it only applied to that one instance.

I want you to understand this. I'm not sheltering Major Sirius. The new building that had recently become the home for Tatsuya and Miyuki, was built as the Tokyo headquarters for the Yotsuba Family. It not only included residential areas, but also included various other facilities.

One such example is a room for magic training in the cellar. Tatsuya was going to use this room to develop a magic to seal parasites. Tatsuya, however had not given up on the possibilities his abilities granted him. However, he can still manipulate psions to create magic that is recognized. However, when it comes to parasites, the ability to sense and manipulate pushion waves becomes important.

So Tatsuya was wondering if he could find a way to seal the parasite with Non-Systematic Magic. Tatsuya decided to go consult with Yakumo, even though he is reluctant to do so. However, the usual unexpected welcome awaited Tatsuya.

In a rare case in the world, Tatsuya has heard from an Ancient Magician who trained him while he was at the Yotsuba Family house. This Ancient Magician mentioned that an independent information body that made up of a large amount of dense psions naturally formed.

The old person called it God, fearful of calling it a Demon, in addition originally being called Spirit Magic or Summoning Magic based on it, and then devised a magic that uses an independent information body which modifies the event.

This attack was would be deadly even for Tatsuya.

However, before he uses his magic, Tatsuya decided to use his Non-Systematic Magic and began to compress psions in his hand. It then turned into the form of a blade and attacked Tatsuya.

Tatsuya jumped to the side, but his left arm dripping blood, and his clothing near his shoulder was ripped open. But this wound was only visible for a few seconds, he had already healed from his wounds and his clothing was back to the way it was before the fight.

Once again the blade rushes towards Tatsuya, and he makes a shield made of highly compressed psions. This spherical ball with no substance that is invisible to the naked eye looked like a crystal ball. It began to release a large amount of pressure, and Tatsuya threw the ball straight up into the air.

Yakumo suddenly emerges and greets Tatsuya. And Tatsuya tries to get a hint about what Yakumo made there, but Yakumo immediately says that Tatsuya probably came here to ask how to seal a parasite. Tatsuya asks him if he has heard about Minoru, and Yakumo says that he knows what has happened in the USNA, and that this time will be even more difficult than last time.

Tatsuya asks if Yakumo could teach him how to seal the parasites, and Yakumo immediately answers no. As Tatsuya was about to leave Yakumo mentions that he should practice with the second son of the Yoshida family.

Quite the distance to walk, but using a car would only take less than 5 minutes. Since she heard that from Minami, she quite often grumbled like that. Both of them were in small restaurant beside Chofu-Aoba Hospital where Minami was being treated. Ever since the role was decided after the last Ten Master Clan conference, the Saegusa have been reserving this restaurant. The Saegusa's role was to ambush and capture Parasite-Minoru. In case capturing him proves difficult, they were permitted to execute him instead.

The Ten Master Clans decided that letting a parasite loose in society was a sin and that killing the culprit is something that couldn't be avoided. Both Kasumi and Izumi didn't want to kill him if they could, but they're convinced that if he was to be left like that, killing him is something that couldn't be helped. They're definitely educated as a Ten Master Clan member. They weren't debating the issue of whether to kill Minoru or how to capture him, they had already accepted that this is something unavoidable.

He doesn't have much attachment to things. Kasumi and Izumi didn't meet Minoru that often. Also, compared to other children they knew, his personality wasn't so attached to things. That intense feeling Unfortunately, we won't able to understand it.

What I can understand is that he definitely won't give up. Leaving aside feelings matter, the most obvious problem is Sakurai-san is guarded by the Yotsuba, Juumonji, and Saegusa, right? Will he really come despite the enemies? Or is he that blinded by love? Is that so? Isn't it feelings of love that makes one lose their reasoning and common sense?

To lose reason means to lose the ability to know the opponents' weakness. Izumi then tried to hide her voice. Even Izumi didn't really believe in the case where he absorbed Zhou Gongjin. She didn't thread down Kasumi's objection.

But at the same time, she didn't express the necessary things to emphasize their vigilance against Minoru. Kasumi asked Mayumi whose voice she heard from the back of gallery-room door about Minami's safety. It seemed that instead of Izumi, who worked together in Student Council Room, Kasumi was closer to Minami as her classmate. Or maybe, it's that Kasumi was just a simple person.

Kasumi was like "good job" with her facial expression and the light of her eyes. Currently, the Juumonji Family are moving towards the scene. They should somehow be able to hold him back. They contacted their father but it's taking some time before he's able to come to the scene.

Juumonji-kun already notified them but he won't be there for another in 5 minutes. Mayumi fully opened the remaining half of the already opened door and went to the scene with Kasumi and Izumi following her. There were four magicians laying down on the road. Kasumi and Izumi got closer in order to check their pulses and breathing. Mayumi lifted her goggles and put it on her forehead, as she asked the two magicians who then stood up. The right lane had no gate that lead to hospital.

Whether he wanted to break the window or sneak from the rooftop. In any case, Mayumi thought it's obvious that Minoru didn't run away.

The two magicians that Mayumi asked were from the Juumonji Family. All the magicians that were lying down on the road were from the Saegusa Family. The magicians from the Juumonji Family bowed and went back to the front of the hospital back door. The task that was given to them was to prevent any intrusion. They came here to help the Saegusa Family, but considering their task, their current position was too far from hospital back door.

Even though it's not a critical injury, they are unconscious. Leading people to believe where he went and then attacked the least guarded posts. That was a common pattern. Those two couldn't refute what their sister said. The distance is about 50 meters. The night sky was filled with a thick cloud, releasing lightning from the darkness.

Usually, the release-type magic would end after being blocked. And it's just only for that. But this lightning wasn't simply just a flow of electricity. It flowed at a slant for several meters, giving off the impression of a snake. It wasn't breaching the magic barrier but crawling around it from the top to the side.

Giving form to the phenomenon. In exchange for using high resource magic by mimicking lifeform movement, it's a technique that also gave the magic high degree of control.

In this case, the dispersed lightning kept being re-used. It was definitely a high-level technique, but no matter how you looked at it, it seemed more effective to have several lightning strikes. Mayumi, who looked at that moving on top of the magic barrier as if it were a snake, immediately realized that it was just her perception.

Even as it crawled to the side, it wouldn't breach the barrier. But when she thought the lightning-snake was ineffective, it made a ring on the outer barrier and bit its own tail, fixing itself in that position.

After seeing this, Mayumi finally understood the target of this magic. This magic was to stop them. Just looking at the effect of the lightning snake, it would be ineffective against a magic barrier.

But if the barrier was cancelled, the people who took shelter within it would be immediately attacked by lightning. The lightning snake seemed to make a ring on top of the barrier but instead, it fixed itself to this position. If the barrier caster wanted to move the barrier around, he would have to fight with the lightning snake.

There was one more lightning attack from the cloud. There was more to it than just the first attack. It continuously made three attacks. The lightning attacks also took the form of a snake and joined the siege against the Juumonji magicians trapped in the magic barrier.

The magic barrier was tied up with three encirclements. The first lightning snake has disappeared but the consequent attacks dropped to six different positions and entangled themselves to encircle the magic barrier. However, her skill for precision when shooting a target is second to none. Mayumi's psion-bullet precisely got to the position of the established platform. It's the singularity or discontinuity caused by long range magic invocation.

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Mayumi's magic, other than four systematic and eight types of modern magic, her psion-bullet which classified as non-systematic magic, along with her special inborn sensory magic. Long range visual sensory magic "Multiscope. It can also be used as an "ESP" or extra sensory perception, which is a superpower type of magic. For her, this was exception. ESP had the same root as magic. However, for many people, wielding magic and ESP at the same time should be impossible.

ESP, by just using thoughts to rewrite phenomenon and bend it to its caster's will. In exchange, it's limited to several patterns of phenomenon rewriting.

Light Novel Translations are Here

Modern magic has been achieved by adjusting the functions of the mind used from supernatural powers so that they can be applied to a variety of event modifications. But other than using thoughts, it depended on many other factors and steps to invoke magic. Looking at a similar view point, Tatsuya's "Regrowth" and "Decomposition" are close to superpowers.

With the limitation of the inability to invoke other patterns of phenomenon rewriting, it too matched Tatsuya's situation. But Mayumi was able to use both. She might be classified as another irregular magician just like Tatsuya. Mayumi was currently using her "Multiscope" in full power. The information currents that flowed to her from different angles placed a huge burden in her mind. Since the full power usage would make her mind misty, even in just several minutes, she rarely used it like that.

She used it despite knowing the consequences because she believed Minoru was hiding around that area. No matter the irrelevance of distance when it comes to casting magic, usually it's impossible to have such a high density and high technique lightning attack invoked from afar.

He must be around here. She didn't see his face. Even though it was only his back, there's a shadow of someone who was both beautiful and suspicious. Just when she "saw" the face, whether it's a coincidence or he felt the sight, he turned to the side. She created platforms in the air and from there, invoked bullets of dry ice.

Mayumi left her allies who were still trapped by the lightning-snakes and headed to hospital rooftop. Kasumi asked and Izumi replied without much confidence but regardless, there was no sign of her uneasiness. Voice-volume wise, she wasn't worried. Currently, the strongest Saegusa magician was probably Mayumi. Their father, Kouichi never really compared their children in term of power so it isn't known for sure.

But compared to their brothers, it's proven that Mayumi was the most powerful. Even if Kasumi and Izumi fought together against Mayumi, they still couldn't win. Looking externally, there wasn't any indication that they broke their bones.

The part where it's swollen was iced down and instead of seeking treatment from the ambulance, they were waiting for the relief team to arrive. They didn't say it loudly, but if the relief team came too late, they would bring those two to the hospital instead. Both of them were thinking the same thing.

Soon enough, those two became impatient. Maybe it was Izumi who often went at her own pace. Whatever it is, they were at their limit as far as patience was concerned. Just like they confirmed with each other, both of them headed to the hospital backdoor together.

As they were asked to help carry the injured, at that very time, they shouted a different word. Instead, the warning proved to be counterproductive. The two people guarding the backdoor looked at Kasumi and Izumi instead. Blazing Sparks fell from the sky above.

Magic that forcibly draws electrons out in the extreme, "Spark. For common magicians, the quality of spell is usually very low. Having ionization of vapor gas within a fixed volume is the best they could do. On the other hand, the "Spark" that attacked these two people engulfed them and entirely converted to plasma.

Precisely, it engulfed them from chest to foot while their heads were left unharmed. They lost control of their body, convulsed and laid down on ground. Kasumi shouted that while invoking magic. An intense flare shone through the coiling darkness between the street lights.

She shouted "who" but she was convinced that it was Minoru. The bright flare that should take away his resistance power, against the flare, but Minoru just narrowed his eyes without covering them with his hand. Kasumi invoked "Freeze Air Bullet. Although the compound element uses nitrogen and oxygen as the main ingredient has lowered the freezing point lower than carbon dioxide, the compressed bullet has a different effect than dry ice bullet.

Kasumi's "Freeze Air Bullet" hits a magic barrier and was crushed. The air that was confined using magic expanded, along with a sudden temperature drop by several tens of degrees below freezing.

But that sudden temperature drop also couldn't enter Minoru's magic barrier. The invisibility of the magic barrier lost when the air became mist and latched onto the magic barrier. It was known then that Minoru's magic barrier had a fixed hardness. Minoru attacked at the same time that Kasumi's "Freeze Air Bullet" was crushed.

The zone interference that Izumi deployed worked. Zone interference wasn't magic. An electrical discharge was moving through the air. Just like the attack on the Juumonji people, "Spark," however this time the power was toned down due to Izumi's zone interference. The spark discharge from plasma attacked Kazumi and Izumi. In this situation, it was 2 vs 1, not by attacking one by one. They're fighting with cooperation.

What Izumi meant wasn't simply a number advantage. Unless they did that, they wouldn't have any chance at defeating Minoru. And Kasumi understood her perfectly. The twins entangled their fingers. Kasumi's right hand and Izumi's left hand, perfectly matching their palms. But Minoru's magic failed. The zone interference around the twins defended them with incomparable strength as opposed to before. This "multiplicative magic" didn't decide who the main or who the sub is.

In many cases, it was Kasumi who invoked magic while Izumi created zone interference. A light source appeared within the darkness. It only served as an illumination. Of course, this was only preparation.

It is a procedure that makes it easier for targeting the magic. Next, magic was invoked. Minoru didn't just stay still but the confusion made his decisions slower. This time, Izumi was faster. There was squall sudden gust swirling above Minoru.

The air, while keeping it at current temperature, was being compressed in an instant. Izumi answered her with a stiff face. It's because both of them felt the cold. She has only just learned "Cold Storm" so she hadn't perfected the defense for it. If he didn't have any more power, it would be strange for him to not have fallen down. If his body became rigid, it's still impossible for him to stand still like that.

Kasumi shouted that to Izumi impatiently. But unlike before, it's Kasumi who took the initiative. Izumi saw Minoru move his lips. Kasumi didn't realize it and because of the downstream, Izumi didn't hear what he said. The wind stopped at the outer barrier. However, it started blowing again from inside the barrier. There's no way wind could slip the anti-physical barrier.

Kasumi and Izumi were already too late when they felt the wind. Izumi was shocked and tried to hold Kasumi. She was purposely holding her breath but due to this, she started to inhale again. Before Izumi and Kasumi dropped down on the road, something invisible caught their bodies. With that, they were put down gently on the road. The one who caught and also made them unconscious was Minoru. Using move-type magic to stop them and weight-type magic to cancel out gravity.

Using convergence-type magic to decrease oxygen concentration. These two magics weren't used to break through the twin's defense, but he made use of the same type of magic to make it harder for the enemy to recognize the attack. This technique was something he got from Zhou Gongjin. Minoru increased the oxygen concentration and blew the air into twin's nose. This was a way to forcefully send oxygen into their lungs. Minoru used the following magic.

Against the twins, which are now in a half-conscious state and lack the power to resist, he used ancient magic to make them sleep. Those two closed their eyes. They're breathing was normal which was the opposite from when they were unconscious. Minoru breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that.

He had no intention to harm those two. Even he was reluctant to use offensive magic. He knew why the Ten Master Clans wanted to catch and subjugate him. But he didn't have any intention to antagonize them into a direct conflict. All he wanted was to just save Minami. After confirming Minami's will, he would make Minami a parasite if she accepted. And then both of them would hide and live in peace. He believed that the Yotsuba would stand to protect their kin, whatever the other clans complained about.

That's why, whatever the attack, he wanted to solve it as peacefully as possible. Toward Kasumi and Izumi, who were his childhood friends, he was in distress when it came to attacking them. He would attack them with the least painful attack and defeat them. The pain he caused could be treated simply with an emergency kit box and he didn't think that as an acquittal from his guilty feeling.

His intention was to kidnap Minami so there's no sugar-coated word for that. Today, he intended to bring her with him regardless of her will. After all, he thought that there was no time to convince her otherwise.

He calculated that Tatsuya should already be on his way here. Minoru stretched his hand to grab the hospital backdoor handle but he suddenly leapt backward a great distance. Minoru whispered that in response. Mayumi was looking down at Minoru from the rooftop of the hospital. The moon and stars couldn't be seen because of the dense clouds.

From this height, one could see the clouds in the center of the city due to the city lights. With this dimmed light, Minoru could be seen rising upward. If you don't resist, nothing will happen to you! Your problem, I will listen to you!

Even after Mayumi shouted that, Minoru didn't react. Let alone preparing to attack, he didn't even try to defend. But she couldn't just let this slide. Minoru had become a parasite. She just didn't think Tatsuya had a bad personality, bad enough to lie about this.

And a parasite couldn't be left like that. Minoru reacted for the first time. He only moved his body to side and looked at Mayumi. His side face showed a suspicious, wicked and also unworldly beauty smile towards Mayumi. From twelve established platforms, she created them to corner Minoru, and they unleashed dry ice bullets. Just what she heard, she couldn't really differentiate between real and fake. Mayumi, as "Magic Sniper," saw Minoru from 6 different angles.

But there was no difference from all angles. Mayumi's favorite magic was long range precision sniping. If the target couldn't be found, she couldn't use it. But she's not only "The most outstanding long-range precision sniping magic user" but also had the "Versatile" nickname, the eldest daughter of Saegusa, the strongest of them.

[LN][Eng] The Irregular at Magic High School

Mayumi couldn't use a "pinpoint" attack. Mayumi prepared other magic. She used magic one step before it changed to be dry ice, "Dry Blizzard. Area of effect magic that made carbon dioxide within 3 meters upward and hailed down at negative eighty degrees Celsius. It covered about two-thirds of the rooftop area. But even with that attack, Minoru didn't show any indication of having been damaged.

However, Mayumi only used that to narrow down her target. Mayumi shrunk her make-shift cage to lock down the vapor gas. It was to prevent the vapor from leaking out. Carbon dioxide concentration was high and it made the temperature several tens below zero degrees Celsius as it covered half of rooftop. Mayumi gradually let the gas leak while narrowing down the cage. She simultaneously sharpened her mind to that area. If Minoru was within that area, he would have to defend.

Even if he could fake his information, he shouldn't be able to fake the singularity created by magic invocation. Mayumi finally realized the gimmick. Minoru's real target was to enter from the hospital backdoor. Minoru's illusion was a dummy to make her distance herself from the backdoor. The illusion feature was a full virtual visual projection, isolated magic platform, and maybe with magical sense jamming.

Without wavelengths from the powerful "multiplicative magic," there's no way to know about that psion isolation wall. Mayumi made an effort to not shout. Kasumi and Izumi were taken down. The worst possible prediction was coming real. But now, her priority was to capture Minoru. At least, if she didn't repel him, her sisters couldn't be treated.

Her attack passed through Minoru's body and broke down as they hit the ground. This was Parade. Mayumi knew it immediately.

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol. 16 Yotsuba Succession

Mayumi compressed carbon dioxide without making it fixed. Ten meters into the air within four directions made a sphere with a diameter of ten meters. It didn't scatter more than that. Her sisters were outside of its radius. Mayumi didn't forget to do that. Carbon dioxide concentration was about mid-level poison. If the parasite has the same functionality as a human, then the parasite should have to inhale this air. Due to Yen Press' imminent release of volume one and two of the light novel on April..

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Mahouka koukou no rettousei light novel english Mahouka koukou no rettousei light novel english Fandom Post's review was highly positive towards the anime series.. Is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people..

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